The truth about FREE Online courses

On my last year at University, I asked myself if I have enough skills to get a great job. I had a broad knowledge in marketing, but when I asked myself if I can claim that I am a professional at any specific kind of marketing, I understood that I am not. I did not want to pay crazy money for courses as I already spent a lot on my Degree! Then I found that some people spend more than £1000 for Google Tools Trainings(Squared Online is £1,799+VAT). Surprisingly, Google itself does not charge you for their courses such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords etc. You can do online learning on their website, pass the exam and get your certificate.

This is just an example of how the proper research can help you to save some time and money. However, individual online learning is not for everyone. Some people prefer to have a mentor to make sure that they are on the right track. Personally, I can be motivated to learn new things online by myself and if you are like me, this article is for you.



Coursera offers you a wide range of different courses. The most interesting fact about these Learning Courses is that most of them have been made by universities. Somewhere you can read that these courses are for free, but this is a bit misleading information because you have the free 7-day trial and then you have to pay £37 monthly. In terms of content, I would not say that this learning gives you more than others. The only one strong advantage is a test that requires 80% of right answers to get a certificate.

Future Learn

This website positions itself as a FREE learning platform. That is true: you can complete your courses for free. Unless you have a limited time and no certificates attached. However, if you upgrade your account you can have a certificate and no time limits. If you do learning for yourself – that is a great learning platform. In comparison with another eLearning platforms, it has not only video content, but also have articles and different interesting interactional menu. I reckon the fact that they present information as in a video as in a text format makes Learning very efficient. Moreover, the content of courses is very original and you will not find analogs anywhere else.

Class Central 

Сlass Central is different from all platforms as it works as eLearning courses search engine. It also promises you free certificates, but it depends on the course. You can find courses from Future Learn and Coursera here as well. It is a good platform for being updated about new courses, but it is not a platform for Learning itself even if it stated that they are.

LinkedIn Learning

In my opinion, LinkedIn is the best option as it has its own authority among professionals and gives a wide range of courses. To understand if this type of Learning is for you, you can have the free 30-day trial, where you don’t have any limits in terms of topics and time. After this, you have to pay £23.99 monthly. Additionally, you have many interesting insights from LinkedIn, which is a really good advantage for a job seeker. Here you can find courses as for Marketers as for Programmers. There are also lots of self-development courses.

There is no point to have an account with Lynda if you already have one with LinkedIn Learning. Lynda is a project of LinkedIn so all courses can be found there. It is a bit cheaper, but in comparison with Lynda, LinkedIn collaborates with other channels, what makes the material more interesting.  Additionally, I  LinkedIn Premium account allows you to do and know so many things about your LinkedIn account, so it is definitely worse this £4 difference.

Digital Garage from Google

I strongly recommend this course to the beginners in a Digital World. I reckon that everyone who just started their career in Online Business (marketer/entrepreneur/ programmer etc.) has to watch it. Tasks after videos are not complicated, but this course a bit time-consuming. Fortunately, it pays off and it gives you the whole picture that you need to keep in minds to understand how Digital Business works.


Udacity is a great platform for Learning new things and it also has an honest position as a for-profit organisation. However, they have many free courses, which can help you to widespread your knowledge. Unfortunately, they do not give you a certificate, once an unpaid course is completed. But if you think about changing your specialisation and ready to spend some money, Udacity is a great choice for paid trending courses which covers topics such as VR-reality or Nanodegree.


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